Article I-Name

The name of the society shall be The Katherine Anne Porter Society.

Article II-Purpose

The purpose of the Society shall be to assist and coordinate Katherine Anne Porter studies through (a) the organization of the Society’s general meetings and other special conferences; (b) dissemination of relevant news and developments by means of appropriate communication channels; and (c) the support of similar activities approved by the Society.

Article III-Membership

  1. The Society shall be composed of:
    1. An Executive Committee.
    2. Members. Any person, except students (as defined below), who subscribes to the Society’s bylaws and pays annual dues shall be a Member.
    3. Student Members. Any student enrolled in an accredited college or university who subscribes to the bylaws and pays annual dues shall be designated as a Student Member.
    4. Honorary Members. Any person, who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, merits membership for outstanding service to Katherine Anne Porter studies or for any other reason may be nominated by the Executive Committee and elected as an Honorary Member; Honorary Members may participate in all activities of the Society.
  2. All members shall be entitled to:
    1. Attend the Society’s general meetings, vote, and hold office; and
    2. Receive any publications or other communications authorized by the Executive Committee.

Article IV-Organization

  1. The affairs of the Society shall be managed by the Executive Committee.
  2. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President and members of the Society.
  3. The President shall be elected by a majority vote of the membership. The election shall be conducted by a ballot distributed to the membership. The President shall serve for a term of three years.
  4. The remaining members of the Executive Committee shall be appointed by the President and any members of the Executive Committee whose terms have not expired. The term for members of the Executive Committee shall be three years.
  5. Any other officers of the Society will be appointed by the Executive Committee and will be members of the Executive Committee.
  6. Special Committees: The Executive Committee shall appoint members to chair special committees and, in consultation with those chairs, designate the members of those committees.

Article V-Business of the Society

  1. Amendments to the bylaws adopted by the Society shall be made upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee and adopted by a two-thirds vote of the members.
  2. Votes for the President and amendments to the bylaws of the Society shall be conducted among all members in good standing.
  3. General meetings of the Society shall be held at least once each year in conjunction with a scholarly meeting related to the study of American literature. These meetings will report on the Society’s income and expenditures and conduct other business introduced by members. Legislation that falls outside the routine business of the group shall be submitted to the President at least seven days before the meeting in order to be given a place on the agenda. For routine business of the Society, a majority vote of those present is all that is necessary for action.

Article VI-Annual Dues

  1. Annual dues for members shall be determined by the Executive Committee. Honorary Members shall be exempt from dues.
  2. All dues shall be payable to the University of Maryland Foundation, which holds the treasury of the Society. Dues are payable annually.

Article VII-Use of Funds

  1. Funds belonging to the Society shall be used only to support the charitable and educational purposes which define it.
  2. No part of the net earnings of the organization shall benefit any member, officer, or member of the Executive Committee of the Society.
  3. The Society may pay reasonable compensation for services rendered, and it may freely spend its resources to further the tax-exempt purposes listed above.

Article VIII-Dissolution of the Society

Any assets of The Katherine Anne Porter Society shall, at the time of the group’s dissolution, be used to discharge any and all outstanding debts. Assets left over shall then become the property of non-profit organizations devoted to the study or appreciation of the works of Katherine Anne Porter which are similarly tax-exempt and which are approved by the Executive Committee.